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Financial opportunities that come with a lot of fun.

Generations Real Estate & Auction is committed to serving our buyers by providing opportunities for strong investments, a fun and efficient bidding process, complete descriptions and disclosure, simple terms and conditions, and clear communication throughout the auction process.

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About Auctions

Auctions have existed for more than 2,000 years and continue to grow in popularity every year. An auction occurs when consumers gather physically or online to buy an item by bidding against each other until the highest offered price is reached.

There’s an excitement about an auction that makes it a special event that draws people again and again. To learn more about how auctions work, the history of auctions, and a glossary of auction terms you will enjoy visiting The National Auctioneers Association here.

Finding Auctions

Below are several links to follow for upcoming auctions in your area.

Upcoming Auctions – Generations Real Estate & Auction
Kansas Auctioneers Association
Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association

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