Auction Services

Realize the full market value of your property through Generations Auction Services.

• Comprehensive property analysis
• Custom-designed marketing campaign reaching a local, regional, and national audience
• Complete management of auction logistics
• Professional auction team including Auction Manager, Cashiers, Clerks, Ringmen, and champion Auctioneers
• Mobile office with industry-leading auction management software
• State-of-the-art audio
• Efficient and timely settlement process

• Robust online auction platform
• Advanced auction inventory system
• Seamless registration and point of sale for online buyers
• Complete management of post-auction logistics
• Efficient and timely settlement process

• Experienced Realtors
• Brokerage participation
• Multiple Listing Service
• Accelerated marketing

• Expert market analysis
• Custom-designed marketing campaign for unique collections
• Skilled arranging, displaying, and selling items

• Transition Services; Sorting, packing, loading, moving, and unpacking
• Cleaning and prepping
• Complete marketing of the property; real estate and personal property
• Efficient and timely settlement process

• Turn-key liquidation management
• Reliable seller representation
• Quick settlement

• Exclusive fundraising services provided by Legacy Auction Professionals. Learn more at

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